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How many revisions is too many?

March 04th, 2008 | Category: Revision Rhinoplasty,Rhinoplasty Philosophy

No one likes to think about going through surgery and recovery more than once.

At Profiles Beverly Hills, patients who have not been entirely happy with prior cosmetic results often are referred to us seeking revision surgery. This is not to say that many patients are unhappy after surgery…quite the contrary is true. A great majority of patients are happy with their outcomes and most are not looking for perfection. What is a minor imperfection to some, though, is not so to others.

Still fewer patients are left with a more significant deformity. Conditions that may increase chances for a suboptimal result are poor technique or lack of surgical experience, an uncommon complication such as an infection, or sometimes simply the unpredictability of healing. An honest dialogue between patient and surgeon regarding desires and expectations can go a long way toward avoiding postoperative disappointment. Read more

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