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Liquid Silicone Making a Comeback

March 16th, 2008 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery

The facial filler market is getting very crowded lately. Everyone is searching for the holy grail- the perfect filler. It should be smooth, resilient, reliable, free of side effects – and, oh yeah, PERMANENT. To date, Artefill is the one and only permanent filler FDA-approved for cosmetic facial use. But, there are a number of long-lasting fillers coming down the pike. One of these is liquid silicone.

Injecting liquid silicone

Liquid silicone has been quietly used for decades by its supporters who claim it provides superior handling and results, especially when used carefully with a microdroplet technique. That may be true in most cases. However, there has been a healthy number of very serious reactions to liquid silicone, resulting in nodules, lumps, and severe inflammation that is near impossible to treat. What’s worse is that a reaction may occur many years after the initial injection and the material may migrate over time to unwanted areas. Read more

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