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"On TV: Botox. Face-lifts. Reconstructive surgery."

April 14th, 2008 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery

In general, we try really hard to stay away from gossipy blog topics but we thought this article in the LA Times to be kind of interesting.

In addressing the phenomenon of plastic surgery and its entrance into main stream society and pop culture, Ms McNamara, LATImes TV critic, notes that because television is a “visual art” she do es not know how to address the issue of an actress whose “face seems incapable of movement or her eyes appear to be moving toward the sides of her head or her lips just look weird?” She then goes on to say, “Reviewing many of the new shows for the past fall season and midseason replacements, I noticed at least three fairly famous faces that looked decidedly, and distractingly, different, frozen or tugged into almost immobility that made certain emotional scenes almost laughable.”- We’d like to know who these people are because frankly we think the myth of the frozen face is much more common than the reality, especially in big name stars who can afford to go to those who do better work. Read more

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