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Do thread-based brow lifts and face lifts really work?

April 08th, 2008 | Category: Uncategorized

In the eternal quest for the fountain of youth more and more people are turning toward cosmetic enhancements that promise less recovery time, lower cost, decreased incidence of complications and instant results.

Among this new armamentarium of “minimally invasive or non- surgical” procedures comes the newly touted thread lift — also known as the feather lift, lunch time lift, Russian lift or suspension lift. The”thread lift” is promoted as an inexpensive, easy to do, “lunch time procedure” with little down time that subtly “refreshes” a sagging middle-aged face. Read more

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What is the best way to treat severe acne scars?

April 07th, 2008 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery

One thing that is important to do as much as possible is to limit ongoing acne before you tackle the scar concerns. It’s not much use having a great scar revision result only to later suffer from ongoing scarring in the same areas. Peels and microdermabrasion are good for overall skin texture and coloration but may not always be the best solution for ongoing acne. Some medical grade topicals are excellent and your doctor can make some recommendations in this area. Read more

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I want my lips done but I'm afraid of having those 'duck' lips I see on everyone. Can it be done so this does not happen?

April 06th, 2008 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery

The strikingly unnatural lip enhancement you’re talking about is everywhere these days and is an unfortunate result of the thinking “If a little of something is good, then a lot of it must be really good”. In many cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The final result depends on the volume of injectable used and the exact placement. This location can be varied to give different looks. Options for enhancement are non-permanent fillers such Restylane and Juvederm, longer-lasting fillers such as Radiesse and Artefill, and permanent implants or procedures.

Hand in hand with lip enhancement goes rejuvenation of the entire surrounding area, including the cheek-lip (nasolabial) folds and lip-chin folds. In the attached photo of a real Profiles patient, you can see how these areas are also enhanced giving the lip a more youthful look by elongating it and restoring an upturned curvature to the corners

Lip Augmentation

Here at Profiles, we tend to encourage and lean towards a very natural lip enhancement that increases volume and definition without looking out of balance with other facial features. Feel free to give us a call to schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns in more detail.

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What is the difference between Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm?

April 06th, 2008 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery,Uncategorized

As you probably know, all of the products you asked about are dermal fillers. These are designed to restore volume to sagging skin in areas of creases or folds, such as the nasolabial folds between the cheek and lips.

These are 3 of the most popular hyaluronic acid products which, along with collagen, make up the main ‘building blocks’ of your skin. Unlike most collagen products, they are not animal-derived but, rather, are ‘grown’ in the lab, so the risk of an allergic reaction is minimized. Read more

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I have heaviness around my eyes. Should I have an eyelid lift or a brow lift?

April 05th, 2008 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery

That is a great question and one that is hard to answer without seeing you in consultation to personally examine you.

Aging tends to be noticed in stops and starts rather than as a gradual process. With age, most of us get some drooping of the brows AND some redundancy of the skin and fat of the upper and lower eyelids. But, in many patients, we often find that one of these problems, more than the other, is responsible for their concerns. Read more

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We are often asked what is the difference between the various "non surgical" and "minimally invasive/ lunch time/ threadlifts/ lifestyle" facelifts?

April 05th, 2008 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery

In order to explain all the differences we need to first differentiate between those procedures which are “non surgical” and the others which are “minimally invasive.” The “non surgical” options include Botox, Thermage, and the various lasers. For the purposes of this blog we will avoid lasers which are can serve as facial rejuvenation tools but are not really intended to give the effects of a facelift. (We will of course blog on all the various lasers in the near future.)  The minimally invasive options will be discussed over the rest of the week. Read more

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Should Botox be done in the Mall?

April 04th, 2008 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery

The Grove

I was reading the Times when I came across an article about a duo of doctors who were planning on opening a “Botox- only” store front office on a busy corner of 59th Street in NY, when I began to think

“Is a Botox convenience store appropriate?” Read more

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My daughter is getting married in July and I want to have a facelift before the event so that I can look my best. When should

April 03rd, 2008 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery

First let us start by saying Congratulations! Your daughter’s wedding will be an awe inspiring event for sure.


As for your question, when it comes to a facelift, the simple answer is one month to six weeks before the wedding would be good. Unlike, some of the advertisements you may have seen for the so called “lunch time” or “threadlift” facelifts, we believe that patients get the best and most permanent results by having time tested proven procedures. A real face lift can be done in multiple ways and at multiple levels and the only way to know which procedure will be best for you would be to see you in consultation. While our patients are up and walking the day after surgery, we tell our patients that it will take about two weeks for the swelling and any bruising to really be gone. We then tell patients to take another two weeks before any big events like weddings and anniversaries.

Since your daughters wedding is in July, while the sooner the better, you should plan to see us a few months in advance so that we can properly meet with you, discuss your goals, and have the time to schedule your surgery. We genuinely look forward to meeting you and helping you in achieving your goals for this once in a lifetime event. Please call our office and speak to our patient coordinator so that our team can prepare you for this wonderful experience.

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Why do women keep using skin creams that don't work? Is it true that fear is more powerful than hope?

April 03rd, 2008 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Skin Moisturizers

We came across a recent article in the NY Times that quoted research which shows that women are more likely to keep using a product that was not effective.

After interviewing nearly 300 women, ages 27 to 65, who were trying to achieve a more youthful appearance by using creams, vitamins and other beauty treatments, researchers were surprised to find that women were more loyal to products and treatments when they didn’t work than when they did. Read more

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New Study Finds that when it comes to Dermatologists it's Faster to Get an Appointment When you want Botox than When You're Worried about a Mole

April 02nd, 2008 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery

Mole on Angelina Jolie

As you can see above with Angelina Jolie, not all moles need to be removed. However, the next time you or a loved one are thinking of having your mole evaluated by a dermatologist you should note that recent studies by the American Academy of Dermatology found that patients seeking an appointment with a dermatologist to ask about a potentially cancerous mole have to wait substantially longer than those seeking Botox for wrinkle treatment. Read more

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