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Black Beauty- Still Marginalized?

In the NY Times Magazine last week we came across these stunning pictures of Yasmine Warsame, a beautiful East African model from Somalia who grew up in Canada.

We looked her up since we had never seen her before and we came across her myspace site where she’s quoted as saying: Read more

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Rhinoplasty Mistake #3, 4, and 5: The Hanging Columella, Nostril Retraction, and Excessively Rounded Tip

In the last two posts we have taken care of imagingĀ for a poor rhinoplasty result to address problems with the nasal bridge. Now it’s time to take a look at the tip. A frequent problem after an overaggressive rhinoplasty is a tip that becomes distorted and lacking in support. This usually happens when too much of the tip cartilages are removed in trying to narrow and refine the tip. Instead, you just end up with a tip that is unstable. We have lumped these 3 problems together because they often occur together after a Rhinoplasty in which the tip cartilages collapsed.

The diagram below shows the area of the tip cartilages (in red) that is commonly removed during a rhinoplasty. Read more

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