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"There's nothing wrong with you!" How to talk to your family about cosmetic surgery

July 29th, 2008 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery,Rhinoplasty Philosophy

Here’s a typical scenario. You’re considering facial plastic surgery to take care of a bump on your nose, a droopy tip, or a sagging jaw line. The feature may be subtle, but it’s definitely there. And you’ve been thinking of doing something about it for so long.

You’ve finally worked up the courage to tell your husband/mother/sister/brother/best friend (insert loved one here) about it and, instead of unwavering support, you hear something like “Your nose is fine. Why would you mess with it?”. Other reactions are “Whatever makes you happy, honey” or, “I was wondering when you were gonna take care of that honker”. But, the overwhelming #1 reaction is the first one. Read more

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