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Lines and gaps at the sides of the nasal bridge after rhinoplasty

February 26th, 2009 | Category: Rhinoplasty Recovery,Rhinoplasty Techniques

Here is another one from the Q&A file that can be a source of concern for people soon after a rhinoplasty. We were recently asked about vertical lines/shadows showing up after rhinoplasty on either side of the bridge. What was more worrisome for this person was the fact that she was able to feel small gaps when she pressed on the area. Read more

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Is fluctuating swelling, redness, or bluish discoloration normal a year after Revision Rhinoplasty? Will it go away?

February 25th, 2009 | Category: Revision Rhinoplasty,Rhinoplasty Recovery

We were recently asked this question by someone who was understandably worried about these persistent symptoms about one year after a revision rhinoplasty. She wondered whether steroid injection would still work at this stage.

While discoloration is admittedly unusual at this stage, the key to this question is fluctuation. If swelling and redness were persistent and not getting better, we would be concerned about a possible low grade infection or chronic inflammatory condition, especially if there were a graft of foreign material placed in the nose. When swelling or discoloration fluctuates between being present and then going away, we are not nearly as concerned. Read more

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Can septoplasty alone straighten the nasal tip?

February 24th, 2009 | Category: Rhinoplasty Philosophy,Rhinoplasty Techniques

As is often the case, it really is not possible to tell you for sure if septoplasty alone can straighten your twisted nasal tip; but we can tell you that in our own experience we’ve had a few cases where simply correcting the septum did straighten the tip. Read more

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Have your nose your way

February 18th, 2009 | Category: Ethnic Rhinoplasty,Rhinoplasty Philosophy

We were recently asked if rhinoplasty is customized to each person because this individual liked her longer nose but wanted a smaller tip and a less droopy appearance. Rhinoplasty absolutely is and should always be individualized to your features, skin type, and specific goals and desires for your nose! Read more

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Indications for Tip Grafts in Revision Rhinoplasty: the Overshortened Nose, Pollybeak Deformity, Poor Tip Definition, Overresected Nasal Tip, and Loss of Tip Support,

Indications for Tip Grafts in Revision Rhinoplasty

In the revision rhinoplasty patient tip grafts may be necessary if: (1) there is a pollybeak deformity (2) there is an asymmetric tip or nasal bossae (3) there is a poorly defined nasal tip (4) in the overly shortened nose, or (5) there was failure to recognize false tip projection at the time of primary surgery or there was loss of normal tip support mechanisms after primary rhinoplasty. We will explore each of these situations in turn and post representative examples in future blogs. Read more

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Is it possible to fix an overshortened nose?

We have been getting numerous questions lately about whether it’s possible to fix an overshortened nose. A large part of our practice is helping people who previously went in for rhinoplasty with a plastic surgeon to fix a specific complaint and did not get what they were hoping for. Of all of these unhappy people, those with over-rotated noses (turned up too much) or over-shortened noses are some of the unhappiest. This is a harder problem to fix but it can most definitely be accomplished.

Read more

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Pablo Picasso's Girl in the Mirror: The Agony of Imagined Ugliness

February 06th, 2009 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery

We all know that art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth. – Pablo Picasso
Picasso Girl in the Mirror

Recently there was a great article in the archives of facial plastic surgery that used Picasso’s Girl in the Mirror to discuss body dysmorphic syndome. The author wrote: Read more

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Is Botox Safe During Pregnancy

February 03rd, 2009 | Category: Facial Plastic Surgery
Is Botox safe during pregnancy

Is Botox safe during pregnancy

There was a disturbing article regarding news from Australia about an expectant mother who in 2005 was treated in her first week of pregnancy with a botox rival, Dysport, and gave birth to a baby who was deaf and blind. The report goes on to say that the Australian version of the FDA, released documents last month detailing the case including a report from the manufacturer of Dysport which states there may be a “possible” link with the drugs usage during pregnancy and the unfortunate outcome. Read more

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