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Rhinoplasty, Tip grafts, Increased Projection and the Apparent Nasal Bump

March 20th, 2009 | Category: Rhinoplasty Philosophy

Occasionally we get young and often times older patients who present and tell us that after years of staring at their profile in the mirror that they are now noticing a bump when they did not have one before.

In most cases this apparent bump is due to a loss in tip projection.  As we age, we lose some tip support and for some the result is a tip drop and an apparent bump. Many of you may have noticed a grand parent who seems to have a nose that had grown over the years and has developed a bump. The fact is that the nose has not actually grown. As the tip has lost support, it has started to droop resulting in a longer nose and oftentimes in a new bump.  See our online textbook for more details (the Aging Nose) Read more

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