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Is Latisse, the new prescription which makes eye lashes longer, safe?

April 16th, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

latisse makes eye lashes longer photo

Short answer is yes- when used correctly. Read more

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How we make your nose smaller

When you’re thinking about a nose job, you either don’t care how it’s done… you just want to make sure your surgeon can deliver the result you want and that’s it. Final. Over. Period. Or, you may join a growing group of people who want to research the procedure in detail to learn the pluses and minuses of open vs. closed rhinoplasty or Technique A vs. Technique B. If that sounds familiar, this blog is for you. Read more

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Tip Narrowing and Refinement

The main concern for many people seeking Rhinoplasty is a wide, boxy, or bulbous nasal tip. They’d like it to be narrowed and more refined but are afraid of having a pinched or unnatural look. Excessive pinching from tip narrowing is really a preventable complication that happens from overaggressive cartilage removal or inappropriate suture techniques.
Anatomy of a wide tip nose
Anatomy of a wide tip

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Nose Jobs (Rhinoplasty) In African Americans: How Augmentation Rhinoplasty Can Make the Nose Look Smaller

April 06th, 2009 | Category: Ethnic Rhinoplasty

While we recognize that there is tremendous variability in every parameter of the African American noses: including nostril shape and flare, nasal length, skin thickness, columella length, nasal projection, and bridge height; numerous studies have shown that African American patients, on average, tend to have:
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Should you choose open or closed rhinoplasty

This is a big question for people. There is a lot of fear about the open rhinoplasty incision. Will it be noticeable? Maybe you’ve seen examples of poor scars from an open rhinoplasty. The fact is poor scars happen when poor technique is used.

You should know that, in the hands of a careful and experienced open rhinoplasty surgeon, the open incision heals beautifully. Below is a typical example of how one of our open rhinoplasties looks before and after just 3 months. We hope you’ll agree that without showing you where the incision is placed in red, you’d have a pretty hard time finding it.

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