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Don’t focus on a specific procedure in rhinoplasty

December 16th, 2009 | Category: Rhinoplasty Philosophy

It is only natural when you are reading and learning about rhinoplasty for you to be drawn to a particular idea of what needs to be done to your nose to achieve the rhinoplasty results you are hoping for. This is especially true of revision patients who have been ‘burned’ before and want to do everything possible to make sure that their outcome this time around is a decidedly different and positive experience. We have prospective patients coming to see us every week who have pretty well-developed pre-conceived ideas, like they don’t want an open incision or they must need a rib graft to fix their noses. A lot of this stems from having heard or read about a poor result with a particular procedure or from hearing mixed messages from surgeons about how they would approach their surgery. In fact, these are really not mixed messages at all, but actually just reflections of each surgeon’s individual style that developed from personal experience. Read more

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