Mar 14

After all the hype from the Oscars, we wanted to ask: Who really gets Plastic Surgery?

Oscar night 2008

Along with all the glitz and glamour that we see and read in the run up to the Oscars, there is always a host of information about all the peels, Botox, injectibles, lasers, and nips and tucks that the stars get done to get ready for the big day. However, what is really interesting is that the truth is that cosmetic surgery is no longer the province of the rich and celebrated. Long gone are the days when in order to have facial plastic surgery you had to pay cash or write a check up front.

Plastic surgery has been redefined as a coveted yet attainable luxury and surgeons around the country are noting a democratization of cosmetic surgery.

Even more interesting, according to a survey conducted in 2004 for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, about a third of people considering plastic surgery reported average household incomes below $30,000; The poll of 644 people found that only 13% of those seeking information on plastic surgery procedures reported an annual household income of more than $90,000.

Today, we find that everyone including stay at home moms, high school teachers, law enforcement officers, lawyers, etc present to us with an interest in getting something done. And perhaps one of the most welcome illustrations of this economic reality is the rise of finance companies offering middle-income patients easy access to credit to pay for their surgeries.

Patients can now find out about financing options at our office from established financing companies like American Benefit Finance, Reliance, Capital One and CareCredit. Mike Testa, the president of CareCredit, said that Americans spent about $14 billion last year on cosmetic medical procedures, from rhinoplasty to skin peel treatments. Of that, $1 billion is financed by finance companies.

“It is certainly getting more patients to say yes today rather than delaying treatment,” Mr. Testa said. “If you had to pay cash for a car, how many cars would you buy in your lifetime?”

“Financing gives the average person like me the opportunity to do this without having to wait,” one patient said. At Profiles, while we strive to offer only the highest quality care in the most, modern ambience with five star service, we are cognizant of the times and always work with our patients to help make their goals attainable.

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