Sep 3

Americans everywhere have the same anti-aging concerns

Sorry we haven’t blogged in a while. We have just finished a tour of Las Vegas and New Mexico including a conference and consultations with patients. What was interesting to us was the similarities we see among patients’ desires and fears related to surgery. We have both practiced in big cities on both coasts but we have never had the pleasure of consulting with patients in the smaller cities of this beautiful desert country.

new mexico desert

We talked to people who were generally well-informed and who had a great deal of interest in the latest and greatest in plastic surgery. Like our patients here in LA, they have justifiable doubts about some of the less invasive procedures that make over-the-top claims in the media. Some have had a Lifestyle Lift elsewhere and have been sorely disappointed. Most all spoke of wanting to look natural and of fearing an overdone appearance. All of them were very willing to consider surgical procedures to achieve their goals. Mostly, they were in need of doctors who would tell the truth about what they could expect from today’s surgical anti-aging procedures.

What we did not expect was the level of sun damage that a majority of patients exhibited. We probably shouldn’t have been surprised since many people in these areas spend much of their work and leisure time in the great outdoors. But, most also confessed that they did not use sunscreen at all, let alone effectively. As a result, we saw a lot of premature skin aging and most patients had had early precancerous lesions scraped or burned off. Many of these sun-related changes such as fine wrinkling, brown spots, and thickening can be treated really well with a series of peels, such as the ViPeel or Blue Peel, along with lifting and volume enhancing procedures such as our new Hybrid Lift to treat sagging skin.

But, the most important thing you can do is to protect your skin from the sun in the first place. We’re good about sun protection, yet UV-filtered photos of ourselves still show a fair bit of accumulated sun damage. So, we spent a lot of our time lecturing about sun protection. Avoidance of sun in the mid-day hours, wearing protective layers, and using a SPF 30 or greater sunscreen liberally and often (especially after water exposure) are all sensible things everyone should do, regardless of skin type. If you want to take skin anti-aging to the next level, then use of a good skin care regimen that incorporates antioxidants and bleaching agents can give your skin a healthy glow that you haven’t seen since grade school. Check out our website for more details.

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