May 27

Aquamid: A New Permanent Filler?


Hope everyone had a great memorial day.

Very recently we saw an article saying that Aquamid just published new 5 year follow up on this new product and so far the results including patient satisfaction seem to be great.

For those who don’t know Aquamid is a polyacrylamide hydrogel- a facial augmentation filler that has been on the market in Europe and Australia for many years now.

We’re pretty excited about this product because we were one of a few centers around the country that were part of the FDA trial that has been ongoing for the last year.

We don’t know all the results from all the centers but so far it seems pretty exciting. I think we can tell you it injects about as easily as Juvederm but based on the European experience lasts for years with relatively few side effects and adverse outcomes. Of course, we’ll let you know when we are allowed to tell you more…

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