May 21

Black Beauty- Still Marginalized?

In the NY Times Magazine last week we came across these stunning pictures of Yasmine Warsame, a beautiful East African model from Somalia who grew up in Canada.

We looked her up since we had never seen her before and we came across her myspace site where she’s quoted as saying:

“I believe that ‘Black beauty’ is understated and isn’t appreciated, so that’s what I want to represent in this modeling industry. I want to inspire young girls and women all around the world to follow their dreams, especially women of color.”

When Jennifer Hudson was featured on the cover of Vogue last year, a controversy arose because she was one of a small handful of black women ever to appear along on the cover.  It got us thinking about all of our ethnic patients who ask if we have expertise in ethnic rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery. It’s a fair question, but one that requires a nuanced response. Yes, we do have expertise in working with a variety of ethnic patients…but truthfully, that’s less important than an understanding of aesthetics and anatomy in each individual.

No ethnic group can be pigeonholed into one group, though broad generalizations can be made (see our online book). You, your face and your nose are unique and individual to you, regardless of race or ethnicity.

So, getting back to black beauty – here are just a few of the beautiful black women who grace the landscape of our media world. You’ll note they’re all very different and yet stunning in their own way…

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