Jan 20

Can I have a non surgical nose job before true rhinoplasty surgery, or will a non surgical nose job prevent me from being able to have a rhinoplasty next year?

This is a great question that we get in our practice a fair bit and that we have looked into. In fact, we in association with our colleagues reviewed the largest series of injectible rhinoplasties done by anyone to date.I don’t want to make this a long diatribe about the merits of injectible rhinoplasty and if the aesthetics make a lot of sense, except to say that you should recognize that most people getting rhinoplasty want their nose at least slightly smaller whereas injectible nose jobs are by definition an augmenting procedure where the nose is made larger.

Getting injections done now can lead to distortion of what your nose really looks like and make it harder for your surgeon to know what your nose looks like originally. While it is true that injections can be temporary if done with restylane or juvederm, they can cause scarring or inflammation or infection  that can create further problems.

Moreover, other more longer lasting injectibles such as radiesse, sculptra, artefill, etc can and do stay longer in the nose causing further inflammation and needing to be removed at the time of surgery. In fact, if you go to our blog a few weeks back we show an example of a patient in whom we did surgery who had had injectible nose job done some 7-8 months previously. (previous blog) In him, you can still see the injectible material that had to be removed. He is now very happy with his nose and he did great but it made surgery more difficult than it otherwise needed to be.

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