Feb 24

Can septoplasty alone straighten the nasal tip?

As is often the case, it really is not possible to tell you for sure if septoplasty alone can straighten your twisted nasal tip; but we can tell you that in our own experience we’ve had a few cases where simply correcting the septum did straighten the tip.

While it is relatively rare, and in our experience only occurred in a few patients, we have had patients who had a septal fracture in the front part of the septum which resulted in a twisted nasal tip. In general these are not simple septum repairs that can be corrected via a routine septoplasty, but rather need to be approached through an open approach- which is the approach we use for rhinoplasty in many cases anyways.

If there is an anterior septal fracture, this approach will allow us to address the nasal tip even if the septoplasty alone does not completely straighten the tip- this can occur due to scarring or memory in the tip cartilages that would keep the tip twisted even after the septum is straightened.

However, all this being said we find that in general most of our patients have needed a rhinoplasty that focused on the tip in order to genuinely get a straight nasal tip. Each particular case has to be analyzed individually to determine if septoplasty alone will help in making the tip straighter, but ultimately until we operate and see what happens and what if any scar tissue is present we leave our options open so that we do not leave the OR until your tip is straightened.

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