Oct 22

What can you do about bad nostril scars?

We have gotten a number of emails recently asking about what can be done for bad nostril scars. These usually result from a poorly planned nostril reduction procedure, often called alar base reduction. For many ethnic rhinoplasties, narrowing of the nostrils is a desirable goal to bring the tip into balance. There are a number of ways of doing this but all involve some sort of incision along the opening or rim of the nostril (at least that’s the only way to get a permanent change). If done well, these scars should be invisible once they are healed (watch out for our upcoming post with pics on how to do it right!).

Tyra Banks nose job

When it’s not done wrong, it’s a whole different story. The scars can be quite visible or widened and the nostrils themselves can appear distorted or unnatural. Because deeper skin tones tend to react more strongly to injury, they are at higher risk for problems with healing in this area.

When you find yourself in that situation, help is still available. The color and contour of the scars themselves can often be improved by resurfacing them. Tools for doing this include dermabrasion, various lasers, and deep peels. These can be very effective but may require more than one treatment to see the results you want. If caught early enough, silicone gel and steroid injections may be helpful in getting the scars to settle down. If all else fails or if the nostrils are unnaturally distorted or flattened, it can get more complicated. It may be necessary to revise the procedure, remove the scars, and do other things to get some improvement.

Tune in for our upcoming blog in the near future that will show you how an alar base reduction is done right.

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