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Revision Rhinoplasty Frontal View

April 21st, 2015 | Category: Uncategorized

Revision Rhinoplasty Frontal View
This patient underwent a Beverly Hills Revision Rhinoplasty by Los Angeles Surgeons Drs. Litner and Solieman to correct a twisted tip and deviated caudal septum.

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How long after having filler injected in your nose can you have surgery?

January 14th, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

Recently, we have seen a number of patients who have had a filler- juvederm, perlane, artefill, radiesse, restylane- placed in their nose. Some of these patients have never had previous surgery while some have had previous rhinoplasty and were using the filler to further revise/correct the nose thereafter.
Universally, the patients that we have seen who had nonsurgical rhinoplasty felt that the procedure was causing their nose to look bigger. Now, in fairness, we are seeing those patients who are unhappy with their results and there are likely to be many patients who are perfectly happy after having done an injection rhinoplasty.

If you have had a filler placed in your nose, the important questions we want to know before considering surgery are:

1. Which filler was used?
a. As you can imagine there is a big difference in approach for someone who had juvederm/ restylane placed in the nose- which generally last about 6-9 months- vs someone who had artefill or silicone- which are permanent fillers.

2. How much was injected?
a. Again, if only a small amount of filler- say 0.1 cc was injected to fill in a single depressed space we can move forward with surgery sooner that with someone who has had 2 or 3 cc of fillers injected during multiple visits at multiple different sites.

3. How long ago was the filler injected?
a. Again depending on which filler was used that will help us determine when it would be best to proceed with surgery.

The reason these details are important is because as we all know rhinoplasty is a procedure of millimeters and the details of how long ago and how much filler was placed are crucial toward the final goal. The last thing we want to do is assume all the filler is gone and go in to do surgery only to find many months later that more filler dissipated and now the nose is smaller than we had intended.

As a result, we do not have a blanket approach toward when to proceed with surgery. These details are all individualized to each patient and the details of the procedures they had undergone.

All this being said, we have operated on patients who have had restylane, juvederm, perlane, radiesse, artefill and silicone and had fantastic success by individualizing each patients treatment plan.

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Happy 2013 from Profiles Beverly Hills

January 07th, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

Happy New Year from Profiles Beverly Hills

At the start of the new year, we want to take the opportunity to thank you, our readers and patients, for your ongoing support of our practice. Last year was an exciting year for us at Profiles. We celebrated our 5-year anniversary in practice together. And, 2012 saw the launch of our new skin care line, JolieMD Metamorphosis. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2013 will bring.

We want to wish you much happiness and success in the coming year. Whether you are actively considering rhinoplasty or facial rejuvenation surgery, or just in the information gathering phase, we hope you find our blog helpful and informative. We are always looking for new and interesting topics of discussion, so please feel free to post questions or comments. If you are interested in a surgical procedure at Profiles, please contact us on our practice website ( All our best to you for 2013.

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Rib Cartilage in Rhinoplasty Surgery: The Beverly Hills Profiles Perspective

If you are reading this post, you likely had previous rhinoplasty and have now seen a revision surgeon who has recommended that you have rib cartilage removed during your revision surgery. The use of rib cartilage in revision rhinoplasty has become increasingly popular over the last many years as revision rhinoplasty surgeons continue to seek out alternative sources of cartilage for grafts that are often necessary during revision.

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What do you do if too much nostril shows?

March 30th, 2010 | Category: Revision Rhinoplasty,Uncategorized

The Hanging Columella or Notched Ala: Why you see so much of your columella and septum on profile and how we fix it
The Appearance of Retracted Nostrils or of  Too Much Visible Septum

If you are looking at this blog, you (or someone you hold dear) probably had a rhinoplasty (nose job) sometime in the past and now when you see yourself, especially on profile, all you see is that the middle part of your nose at the bottom (the columella and the septum behind it) is way too visible. Perhaps you have been thinking all this time that your septum shows way too much or that the middle part just seems to hang so low.  You may have seen your original surgeon who said you “healed badly” or you just figured it can’t really be fixed. And unfortunately, frequently this is a problem that even many surgeons find confusing.

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Study shows daughters age like their mothers

March 02nd, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized

Something we hear often from women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s is the phrase, “More and more, I look in the mirror and I’m starting to see my mother; and I’m not ready for that!” Well, it’s official. If you think that you’re starting to see more and more of your Mom in the mirror, it’s because you probably are. A new study from researchers at Loma Linda University compared information using sophisticated 3D camera facial imaging techniques in 40 mother-daughter pairs and concluded that mothers and daughters appeared to share strikingly similar aging patterns.

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Accutane at fault for inadequate warnings

February 17th, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized

LaRoche, the drugmaker responsible for Accutane, has been slapped with a $25 million judgment against it for inadequate labeling of its popular acne drug. This is the latest in a series of personal injury judgments against the embattled manufacturer blaming them for chronic ailments such as inflammatory bowel disease suffered after using the oral drug. While Accutane, or isotretinoin, was highly effective and often used as a last resort in treating patients with severe acne who failed to respond to other treatments, it also had significant potential side effects requiring frequent monitoring.

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Can nostrils be lifted?

February 08th, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized

Because our practice focuses heavily on rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty, we see many patients every week who are unhappy with their previous rhinoplasty result. One of the greatest sources of unhappiness is a poorly performed nostril reduction. Nostril reduction or narrowing is a relatively common procedure performed along with rhinoplasty and, done well, it often is a really nice finishing touch to a great nose job. See our blog of Dec 08 to get a sense of How we do alar base reduction differently.

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Why we created JolieMD?

January 11th, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized

As facial plastic surgeons working in Beverly Hills we were constantly seeing women of every ethnicity who presented unsatisfied with their skin, looking for answers.  And having spent a lot of time looking at all the various prescription and over-the-counter brands available, we genuinely felt that we could create a better skin care system.

So while creating a better skin care system we kept forefront in our minds: Read more

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Why New Botox Tax is Just a Tax on Women

November 30th, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

For many people reading this blog, you may think- what’s the big deal if a 5% tax is imposed on cosmetic surgery? You may think those people are rich after all- aren’t they?

But the truth of the matter is that some 86% of cosmetic surgery patients are working women ages 35-50, with an average annual income of $55,000 per year. Hardly the case of a tax on the rich and famous. Read more

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