Jul 14

Do "Frownies" work?

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We all know that public demand for non- invasive treatments for wrinkles is pervasive. And there are innumerable creams, lotions, injections, and lasers that claim to solve the problem. As the economy has slumped, even more people are looking to find inexpensive but effective means to make there wrinkles go away, especially if they are looking to land a new job.

What’s interesting is that most of these claims never have independent evaluation. However, recently a new paper published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery attempted to independently verify whether “Frownies” actually work to remove those stubborn “11s” / frown lines or central forehead wrinkles.

The interesting thing is that the doctors evaluations found no improvement in either the frown lines or central forehead. However, many of the patients themselves perceived a slight improvement in their frown lines, and also stated that they saw a temporary reduction in their wrinkles in the first few hours after use of the frownies.

The final word: no independent improvement in wrinkles could be seen after one month use, but you may note some temporary improvement in the first few hours after use. So you decide if that’s worth your $19.95.

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