Jan 26

Do non-surgical nose job fillers dissolve completely?

This is a great question that we get in our practice a fair bit and that we have looked into. In fact, we in association with our colleagues reviewed the largest series of injectible rhinoplasties (non surgical nose jobs, liquid rhinoplasty) done by anyone to date. In the study we examined all the patients over a year that had non surgical nose jobs with Radiesse to see how long it lasted and what if any problems occurred.

Side note- We will not make this blog a long diatribe about the merits of injectible rhinoplasty or about the aesthetics of the procedure, except to say that you should recognize that most people getting rhinoplasty want their nose at least slightly smaller whereas injectible nose jobs are by definition an augmenting procedure where the nose is made larger.

In short answer to the question, in our study we found that approximately 25% of patients required a touch up before 6 months, either due to partial resorption of the filler or because they wanted further augmentation.Over the remaining portion of the year, many more of the patients returned as the fillers dissolved. It is hard to say if the fillers dissolve completely because it partially depends on which filler material is use, but with the temporary fillers we suspect that the great majority of the filler dissolves with time.

For those wondering what about using other injectible fillers such as Sculptra, Aquamid Artefill, etc, it is true that they likely would stay longer in the nose but they can also cause inflammation, chronic infection, skin slough or a host of other problems. In fact, if you go to our blog a few weeks back we show an example of a patient in whom we did surgery who had had injectible nose job done some 7-8 months previously. (previous blog) In him, you can still see the injectible filler material that had to be removed. He is now very happy with his nose and he did great but it made surgery more difficult than it otherwise needed to be.

The point to all of this is that non surgical nose jobs, in our opinion, can be great to fill in minor defects or irregularities, but they should not necessarily replace or help achieve the goals that most people wanting a nose job want.

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