Dec 16

Don’t focus on a specific procedure in rhinoplasty

It is only natural when you are reading and learning about rhinoplasty for you to be drawn to a particular idea of what needs to be done to your nose to achieve the rhinoplasty results you are hoping for. This is especially true of revision patients who have been ‘burned’ before and want to do everything possible to make sure that their outcome this time around is a decidedly different and positive experience. We have prospective patients coming to see us every week who have pretty well-developed pre-conceived ideas, like they don’t want an open incision or they must need a rib graft to fix their noses. A lot of this stems from having heard or read about a poor result with a particular procedure or from hearing mixed messages from surgeons about how they would approach their surgery. In fact, these are really not mixed messages at all, but actually just reflections of each surgeon’s individual style that developed from personal experience.

Getting a number of vastly differing opinions can be frustrating. But, think about it this way. If you were to give a project to 5 different architects to design a home for a particular space in a particular style, you would get 5 totally different results. None of these designs is right or wrong, but you will find that you probably like one or two a lot more than the others. Is it important that the house is not only beautiful but well-built on a solid foundation? Absolutely. Would you know if using a particular material for a certain support beam makes a difference? Probably not. Likewise with rhinoplasty– If you are in the hands of an experienced rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty specialist (and that’s a serious if), you can be pretty sure that your nose is not going to fall apart down the road. It is whether your surgeon truly understands your aesthetic sense that is the most important factor in our minds.

Blueprints for your rhinoplasty

By all means, ask as many technical questions as you want about how your surgeon intends to achieve your goals. But, as you go about trying to decide on a surgeon, we would humbly suggest that you focus on communicating the look you are trying to achieve more than on the technical aspects of the procedure. At Profiles, we fight against applying an individual style and instead try to focus on you, your aesthetic and tailoring your procedure individually to your features and desires. At the end of the day, if your surgeon hasn’t spent enough time getting to know you and doesn’t understand your aesthetic, then you aren’t likely to be happy with your result, no matter whether your procedure was done open or closed, with or without rib or ear cartilage grafts, etc.

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