May 29

Finesse Rhinoplasty: Is Alloderm an Option?

Plastic surgery, and rhinoplasty in particular, in Beverly Hills has become ever more concerned with aesthetic perfection. Unfortunately, rhinoplasty is a particularly demanding procedure that demands the most exacting attention to detail and technique if you want long term great results.

Finesse rhinoplasty is the name we give to the patient who needs or desires the most subtle of refinements. In some cases, these are the patients whose family or friends tell them that there is nothing wrong and that they should leave well enough alone. Many are very attractive and have good noses to begin with… but they wish to get even closer to their ideal.

You may wonder why operate at all, but for those of us who love this procedure, these are the cases that challenge us to be our very best, to pay heed to the most refined details… these are the ones that beckon us to be even better. Counter- intuitively, while small changes are sought, these are the most demanding cases because the window for improvement is likewise small. In other words, when you show up with a big bump, it’s pretty easy to get you a dramatically better result; it’s much harder to explain that to correct that little bump (bossae) at the tip of your nose permanently and safely, may necessitate a couple hours of surgery.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is a spectacularly beautiful woman, but due to her thin skin you can see a number of irregularities in her nose in this picture

Often the patients wanting finesse rhinoplasty have a professional persona that demands that they look their best- models, actresses, entertainers. And most recently, we have had a number of very thin skinned patients (and we don’t mean metaphorically), who presented to us after having had surgery elsewhere. Unfortunately, they had been left with subtle but distinct tip asymmetries and bony irregularities.

Occasionally, in some instances we can recommend a non surgical nose job (see our blog on liquid rhinoplasty) in those patients with the minutest of surgical concerns. In these cases, the run is not worth the slide, ie the results achievable with surgery can be closely approximated by injection of a small amount of soft tissue filler such as Restylane, Juvederm, or Radiesse.

Unfortunately, when the irregularity is more pervasive, as was the case with these patients, we do not recommend fillers because they do not last long enough and have potential risks that we do not want to expose our patients to. In these cases, we found that after rasping (sandpapering) away as much of the irregularities as possible without bringing the bridge down, a thin layer of alloderm resulted in a fantastic cover for any minute palpable irregularities that we would otherwise be afraid could show years later in these very thin skinned patients.

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