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How long after having filler injected in your nose can you have surgery?

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Recently, we have seen a number of patients who have had a filler- juvederm, perlane, artefill, radiesse, restylane- placed in their nose. Some of these patients have never had previous surgery while some have had previous rhinoplasty and were using the filler to further revise/correct the nose thereafter.
Universally, the patients that we have seen who had nonsurgical rhinoplasty felt that the procedure was causing their nose to look bigger. Now, in fairness, we are seeing those patients who are unhappy with their results and there are likely to be many patients who are perfectly happy after having done an injection rhinoplasty.

If you have had a filler placed in your nose, the important questions we want to know before considering surgery are:

1. Which filler was used?
a. As you can imagine there is a big difference in approach for someone who had juvederm/ restylane placed in the nose- which generally last about 6-9 months- vs someone who had artefill or silicone- which are permanent fillers.

2. How much was injected?
a. Again, if only a small amount of filler- say 0.1 cc was injected to fill in a single depressed space we can move forward with surgery sooner that with someone who has had 2 or 3 cc of fillers injected during multiple visits at multiple different sites.

3. How long ago was the filler injected?
a. Again depending on which filler was used that will help us determine when it would be best to proceed with surgery.

The reason these details are important is because as we all know rhinoplasty is a procedure of millimeters and the details of how long ago and how much filler was placed are crucial toward the final goal. The last thing we want to do is assume all the filler is gone and go in to do surgery only to find many months later that more filler dissipated and now the nose is smaller than we had intended.

As a result, we do not have a blanket approach toward when to proceed with surgery. These details are all individualized to each patient and the details of the procedures they had undergone.

All this being said, we have operated on patients who have had restylane, juvederm, perlane, radiesse, artefill and silicone and had fantastic success by individualizing each patients treatment plan.

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