Feb 11

How to Help Your Skin During the Windy Winter

Blizzard SKin

Ok, so we may not live in NY, Canada, or the arctic, but it seems many people are finding that the blustering southern California winter air is now making their faces red, itchy and flaky. While it’s true that there are numerous beauty companies ready to sell you expensive, exotic solutions we thought, since gas prices are up and the economy seems to be teetering, maybe we should tell you about some less-expensive ways to protect the skin from winter air. 

Most of you know that it is not the cold itself, but rather the dryness of cold air, that dries out the skin, breaking down its natural protective layer of dead cells, called the stratum corneum. This layer of skin normally forms an oily coating that helps to keep moisture in the skin. When this layer dries out, the skin is more prone to flaking and cracking.

There are a number of ways to help retain moisture in the skin including humidifying indoor air, avoiding scalding showers and harsh soaps, and gently pat drying rather than rubbing the skin with the towel.

Beyond that you can use a host of well known moisturizers like Nivea Crème. If your going to be out skiing you can consider Vaseline, Kiehl’s Face Protector, or we’ve read of a product named Dermatone, which is made of beewax and lanolin.

As for your lips, stop licking them, it only dries them out more. And if the edges begin to crack and split, one doctor recommended covering them with A+D Original Ointment, a diaper rash cream made with lanolin that helps treat irritated skin. Hope this helps.

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