Feb 15

I am considering rhinoplasty but don’t know whether I should tell my family and friends. What do you think?

We find that the decision to tell friends and family is a very personal one that largely depends on you and your relationships. For most of our patients we find the question of telling friends and family is very simple and they find that the added support helps in making the entire process easier.

Occasionally, however we have some patients who feel that they have family or friends who simply will not accept their decision to proceed with surgery. Occasionally, these patients want to remove some family defining characteristic such as a nasal hump that they feel their family would want them to keep. For other patients, especially those who are still in school, we will wait to have surgery over the winter or summer break so that changes are not quite so obvious to classmates. Overall, however we have found that the social stigma that used to be associated with plastic surgery is no longer really an issue and in general when our patients discuss their reasons for wanting to pursue surgery, their families and friends are generally much more supportive throughout the process than you may otherwise expect.

In those cases, when our patients are from out of town or when they do not have support, at PROFILES we have developed a comprehensive team and program to help take care of all your postoperative needs and to make you feel comfortable every step of the way.

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