Feb 7

I had a Rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and my nose is still very swollen. Is this normal?

Yes, this can be normal for you. Swelling after any surgery resolves in stages and this is also true of Rhinoplasty. The worst “I can’t leave my house” swelling is gone within 1, or sometimes, 2 weeks. After this, you will be presentable and your nose will look ‘normal’ to others. But, intermediate swelling or puffiness can and will last for weeks beyond that. By 6 weeks, your nose will begin to look ‘normal’ to you and you will start to really see the early results of your surgery.

Your nasal breathing will also be returning to normal at this point. Changes beyond this point are more subtle. But, as every surgeon will tell you, you won’t see the ‘final result’ until 6 months…a year…or even 2 or 3 years after surgery, especially if this is not your first nasal operation.The rate of improvement in swelling is different for each individual, and depends on your genetics, your health and nutritional status, your skin type and thickness, your activity level, the extent of your procedure, and other factors. Try not to compare yourself too much to others. If you are uncomfortable with your progress, ask your surgeon for advice.

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