Feb 7

I have had 2 previous rhinoplasties. I had some sort of prosthetic implant placed on the bridge of my nose, and now I am noticing that my nose looks more crooked. What can be done?

Unlike many other more general questions, your question is best answered after a thorough evaluation.

In general, foreign implants in the nose are not a good idea and we rarely ever use them. However, experience has shown that silicone or other prosthetic implants can and are used in certain ethnic patients with varyingly good results.

In your particular situation, we would have to evaluate why the prosthetic is crooked, is it mobile, and is the overlying skin doing well?

Occasionally we have noted that the dermis can thin over time when the implant is mobile. After examining you, we would know if the prosthetic is something we would retain and revise or if we should remove the prosthetic in its entirety and use your own cartilage in order to revise the previous surgery. We welcome you to come and see us so that we can truly make a proper assessment of your particular circumstances.

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