Feb 8

I want my nose to be more defined. Will that make my chin look bigger or smaller?

It is true that your nose and chin are intimately related to each other on your profile view. In general, a small or retrusive chin can exaggerate the appearance of a large nose and vice versa.

The object of cosmetic plastic surgery is to bring all of these elements into balance so that no one feature is dominant. In Augmentation Rhinoplasty, if the nose is simply made ‘bigger’ all around, then your chin may appear smaller.

On the other hand, if your nasal tip is given more projection and refinement by very precise placement of grafts, instead of looking amorphous, all of your other features including your ckeeks and jaw line will appear more refined by association.

So, to make a long answer short, Augmentation Rhinoplasty can very well give all of your features the enhanced definition you desire. Please read more about this topic in our online Modern Rhinoplasty text, and give us a call to see if this procedure is right for you.

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