Mar 17

Introducing Artefill

Who wouldn’t want a more permanent option for filling deeper facial folds and creases?

Well that option is finally here. We are now offering Artefill treatments here at Profiles. Artefill is an injectable gel that consists of permanent microspheres of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) suspended in dissolvable bovine collagen and a local anesthetic to improve comfort. There is about 20% PMMA to 80% collagen. The collagen allows the microspheres to be injected smoothly. As the collagen slowly dissolves, your body responds by surrounding the microspheres with your own collagen, thus maintaining the beneficial result.

Artefill spheres

Why haven’t I heard of Artefill before now?

Artefill is relatively new to the United States, having recently been FDA approved in October 2006 for filling of smile lines (nasolabial folds). However, it is by no means untested. It has been used safely for over 10 years in Europe and Canada (and by our doctors) under the trade name Artecoll in the treatment of over 400,000 patients. Studies have followed the results for over 5 years and demonstrated the long-lasting positive changes.

Artefill is an option for most deep lines and creases. Since it is permanent, we generally recommend going slowly over 2-3 treatment sessions to build up to the desired effect. While very safe, it should not be used in areas of thin skin where problems may tend to occur. Also, there is a small risk of collagen allergy, so we skin test you for this about a month before your scheduled Artefill treatment.

For those who like the look of short-acting fillers but would prefer a more permanent solution, Artefill is a welcome addition to the facial filler line-up. Next time you drop in for a visit, ask us if Artefill is a good option for creating your more youthful look now.

Artefill Results

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