Feb 18

Is it possible to ask too many questions before surgery?

Have you ever noticed that when you ask a person regarding something they have a passion for, they will never tire in answering your questions? You almost will find a gleam in their eyes to show you why they have a passion for the subject. Well, at Profiles, Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty are our passions.

We often have patients who have had a previous rhinoplasty or who have friends who have had rhinoplasty with less than ideal results. And many, if not all of our patients, have understandable concerns and are very good about doing their due diligence before proceeding with rhinoplasty.

At Profiles, we encourage our patients to ask any and all questions they have regarding their surgery and we take a great deal of time in the preoperative consultations in trying to assess your concerns and in helping you understand what the plan is. Because rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty are often elective procedures, we feel it is even more important that our patients feel comfortable with us and with the surgery we are suggesting.

During our consultations we take and utilize your photographs to show you and to learn from you what the problem areas are that should be addressed. We then take the next step of using our state of the art computer imaging to give you an accurate idea of what changes we can effect with rhinoplasty. The process is detailed but we truly feel that when our patients are educated as to what we are able to do and when they understand what limitations their anatomy presents, our patients have real expectations that we know we can meet, and together we are able to achieve the goals they are seeking with rhinoplasty.

Moreover, here on our blog as well as on our website (www.beverlyhillsprofiles.com) , you will find an extensive data base including a complete textbook written for you our patients (Modern Rhinoplasty). We encourage our patients to read as much as they want before their consultation but we go even further by providing you printed answers to all the most frequently asked questions regarding your rhinoplasty, including your preoperative and postoperative instructions as well as all the risks and benefits associated with surgery. We then will even suggest further specific pages in the online textbook to read for issues that specifically affect you and your surgery. And then we make a second visit before your surgery so that you can go and read as much as you want and so you can look at your images, so that during your second consult we can address any new or further concerns you have.

We welcome you to experience the difference. And we will do all we can to show you why we are dedicated to being the rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty experts.

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