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Is Latisse, the new prescription which makes eye lashes longer, safe?

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Short answer is yes- when used correctly.

For those interested the more nuanced answer would still be probably yes but if used incorrectly or too much it may cause problems. A recent article which featured a number of different oculoplastic surgeons- specialists in reconstructive and plastic surgery around the lids found that a number of them felt that some problems may occur.

It should be noted that Latisse is and was first developed and promoted for patients who needed treatment for glaucoma because it lowers the intraocular pressure- the pressure in your eyes. Having noted that one of the “side effects” they noticed in these patients was increased eye lash length, Allergan subsequently patented the use of the medicine for this indication.

The most recent study by the company found good results and few side effects when Latisse was applied to the upper eyelashes, as 78% of the trial group found increased eyelash length after 16 weeks as opposed to only 18% when treated by placebo.(why the 18% placebo effect is interesting but a discussino for another time)

The important other points for this article were that the study specifically only tested the upper lashes in order to decrease the chances of this getting into the eyes and potentially causing any problems. SO what are those problems- possible inflammation and  redness lasting days to weeks, skin discoloration, and changes to the color of your eyes (potentially darkening), not too mention decreased eye pressure.

Our point is simple, latisse is safe but use it as it was tested until more studies are done to check safety when applied to the lower lids.

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