Feb 18

Have your nose your way

We were recently asked if rhinoplasty is customized to each person because this individual liked her longer nose but wanted a smaller tip and a less droopy appearance. Rhinoplasty absolutely is and should always be individualized to your features, skin type, and specific goals and desires for your nose!

In the old days, the short, upturned, ‘cutesy’ nose was the only way a rhinoplasty was done. Sadly, this is sometimes still the case today, but those days should really be gone. We like to say that the object of a successful rhinoplasty should be to give you the nose you were meant to be born with. It is not meant to radically change the way you look. The results should look totally natural and completely in balance with your other features.

When done properly, your nose should blend into the background and no longer be a focus of attention. When done poorly, a rhinoplasty can really change your look in a way you may not have wanted, so you are absolutely right to explore these questions. Check out our previous blog on the topic for more info. Your rhinoplasty should be tailored individually to your features and goals, and should never rob you of your character.

If you find yourself having similar mixed feelings about your nose, there is nothing wrong with asking your surgeon to preserve certain aspects of your nose while changing others. You should recognize that every aspect of your nose is tied in to every other aspect so a change in one part will have a certain effect on the whole. But, in most cases, your goals and desires will turn out to be very reasonable and achievable in the hands of a rhinoplasty specialist.

If you have a longer and narrower face to match your longer nose, you may decide to keep the length; it will look good on you and give a sophisticated, elegant look. Your surgeon should be able to help you tease out what can be accomplished using computer imaging. Remember, this is an operation of millimeters. It is not and should not be an all-or-nothing procedure.

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