Sep 12

Is there any reason why anyone would need $500,000 worth of plastic surgery?

Apparently, for some there is. At least that’s what 20/20 says. According to a recent spot on the show a couple of nights ago, a plastic surgeon in New York is offering unlimited plastic surgery to the ultra-rich for the summer while they recover in the lap of luxury in a fully-stocked Hamptons mansion, and all for the low, low price of half a million dollars. Yes…you read that right…we said unlimited plastic surgery.

Well, what do you get for someone who has everything? It seems you get one of every type of cosmetic procedure available. Does anyone else see any problem with this? For one, with that price tag, we think you should be entitled to cosmetic surgery for life! But, seriously, should cosmetic surgery really be reduced to a buffet? It is perhaps not the best idea to cram as many surgical procedures as possible into a two-month period. When we brush off the fact that these are real medical procedures, we slip into dangerous waters.

Do you really want buffet-style plastic surgery?

Not to mention the fact that most people don’t actually need every cosmetic procedure under the sun. This is not a pick-what-you-want-off-the-shelf type of service. Our whole philosophy of plastic surgery is that the relationship relies completely on an involved discussion so that the surgeon can recommend the procedure most appropriate to achieve your goals in a reliable and safe manner. That way, you should come out feeling like a more pleasing version of yourself…not a completely different person.

Cosmetic surgery may be elective, but it is not like a salad bar or a box of chocolates. The all-you-can-eat offer can leave you with so much more than just an upset stomach.

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