Feb 26

Lines and gaps at the sides of the nasal bridge after rhinoplasty

Here is another one from the Q&A file that can be a source of concern for people soon after a rhinoplasty. We were recently asked about vertical lines/shadows showing up after rhinoplasty on either side of the bridge. What was more worrisome for this person was the fact that she was able to feel small gaps when she pressed on the area.

The lines you may feel at the sides of the bridge are most likely fracture lines in the bones that were created to narrow or straighten them. If your bones were wide or crooked, then the surgeon must create these cuts in the bones in order to manipulate them to the desired shape.

If there was a lot of narrowing accomplished, you can sometimes feel a little gap in this area which can be perceived as a small ‘step-off’ in appearance.

Don’t worry too much, though. If this is noticeable at all (and most people will not notice this), it will not last long. The bones will heal and the apparent gap should diminish in most situations. This rarely ever becomes a long-term problem, and usually only when the bony cuts were made too high near the bridge. If you are having a similar concern, you have reason to be reassured.

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