Jun 4

Loss of identity after rhinoplasty

Everyone who has suffered a poor Rhinoplasty result experiences a range of negative emotions. All are understandably unhappy about their noses and fearful of misplacing their trust once more. Yet, there are some who experience a more extreme reaction, a few of whom we’ve seen recently.

These are patients who have what is termed ‘loss of identity’ syndrome, a feeling of dissociation from themselves because they cannot relate to the change in the way they look. Patients with loss of identity tell us they just don’t feel like themselves anymore. They just can’t reconcile their new appearance. We were reminded of this by a recent patient who, by all accounts, is a beautiful woman, but who was truly devastated by her previous Rhinoplasty.

This kind of thing happens more frequently after Rhinoplasty than other facial plastic procedures. There are many Rhinoplasty deformities that can lead to this feeling, but the most common by far occurs when the nasal bridge is taken down too much, especially in men. Removing a person’s sense of having a strong nose can be as simple as shaving a few too many millimeters of bone, but those few millimeters can make a huge difference.

That’s why it’s so important to see a Rhinoplasty specialist for your primary or revision nose job. In the hands of a highly experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon, there is no reason for anxiety. A surgeon who understands your aesthetic goals and who has the technical ability to achieve them can help you to transform your self-identity and recapture the confidence you deserve. That is why we find revision Rhinoplasty so rewarding. If you are experiencing some of these emotions, maybe it’s time to take another chance on a better outcome. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss your case in more detail and take the next step to finding happiness with your nose.

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