Mar 9

Lost in Translation: Overseas Surgery

Every so often we are confronted by the patient who has gone overseas to have surgery only to return with a botched result. Now this is not to say that surgeons outside the US are not good or as accomplished but simply that once you have surgery overseas your ability to have adeuate follow up or in the worst case scenario recourse toward revision are dramatically decreased.

While most people go abroad thinking they can have surgery done cheaper in some exotic location, the problem is you really cannot be sure what you will get in terms of surgeon or facility once you get there. The truth is that facilities in the US are held to a standard that is not matched by many of the destination countries people look to when thinking about surgery abroad. Moreover, in case of an infection or other complication, there is little patients can do since they usually have not planned to stay more than the few days they thought would be necessary. And all this is not too mention the problems of a long flight after long surgery which can result in a blod clot or more serious problems.

This problem becomes especially important to us because rhinoplasty is more complex than some other procedures and the potential for long term poor outcomes is much higher. We address this because whether your Asian and considering augmentation rhinoplasty or if you are Persian and think that you can have surgery done in Iran, the decision on who to have do your surgery should not be based on cost.

That being said, we are not saying that the most expensive is the best, we know that that is not true either. Rather we advocate for choosing a doctor who you can speak to, whose results you can see, and who takes the time to understand what you want to achieve. If you go abroad, this may be difficult if you and the doctor don’t speak the same language.

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