Mar 9

Makeup and SPF

There was a nice article a couple of days ago in the LA Times Beauty section about mineral makeup and its overwhelming increase in popularity in recent years. You can read the full article here:,1,2149221.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

The article points out a few distinct advantages of mineral makeups. They cover up flaws more easily. They don’t get absorbed into the skin, so they are less likely to aggravate your complexion.

Mineral Makeup

But, the biggest point of the article relates to sun protection from makeup. Many, if not most, makeups these days promise sun protection of SPF 15 or sometimes greater. What’s important to understand is that SPF is in part related to how much of the product covers a certain area. The amount of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in these products is low enough that, to get that level of sun protection, you would have to really cake it on…not something most women want to do. So, you should always consider using a separate sunscreen under your makeup.

Remember, sun protection is probably the single most important thing you can do to help slow down the process of skin aging.

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