Apr 3

My daughter is getting married in July and I want to have a facelift before the event so that I can look my best. When should

First let us start by saying Congratulations! Your daughter’s wedding will be an awe inspiring event for sure.


As for your question, when it comes to a facelift, the simple answer is one month to six weeks before the wedding would be good. Unlike, some of the advertisements you may have seen for the so called “lunch time” or “threadlift” facelifts, we believe that patients get the best and most permanent results by having time tested proven procedures. A real face lift can be done in multiple ways and at multiple levels and the only way to know which procedure will be best for you would be to see you in consultation. While our patients are up and walking the day after surgery, we tell our patients that it will take about two weeks for the swelling and any bruising to really be gone. We then tell patients to take another two weeks before any big events like weddings and anniversaries.

Since your daughters wedding is in July, while the sooner the better, you should plan to see us a few months in advance so that we can properly meet with you, discuss your goals, and have the time to schedule your surgery. We genuinely look forward to meeting you and helping you in achieving your goals for this once in a lifetime event. Please call our office and speak to our patient coordinator so that our team can prepare you for this wonderful experience.

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