Sep 22

Botox without needles

Is there a possibility that you may someday be able to have your botox without the annoying needles? According to one ongoing study, it may just be. Granted, the study looking at the effectiveness of a topically-applied botulinum gel, has only just finished a phase II clinical trial. But, the study’s lead investigator, Dr. Michael Kane, has reported that a large number of participants showed positive results. The final answer on this interesting question is not in, but we’ll keep you posted on this potential new formulation as we hear more.

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Sep 16

Rhinoplasty and Nostril Narrowing at the same time

We have recently heard from a couple of prospective patients who are concerned about having open rhinoplasty to narrow the tip and a nostril narrowing procedure (alar base reduction) at the same time. They had been to see other surgeons who had advised against this because of fear of risk to the blood supply of the nasal tip. Read more

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Sep 13

LED light and Green Tea Extract reduces wrinkles

There was an interesting article in Science Daily reporting on the preliminary results of a combination therapy of LED lights and a cream with Green Tea Extract. LED lights have long been used for phototherapy to help heal any number of inflammatory skin conditions. Read more

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Sep 2

Achieving definition in ethnic rhinoplasty

We often see ethnic patients wanting a more defined nose. Many ethnic noses tend to have thicker skin. Achieving the definition, narrowing, and refinement you desire has everything to do with how that thick skin wraps around the cartilage structure underneath. If the cartilage structure is well-defined and well-supported, you can achieve excellent definition. If the cartilage lacks shape, your tip will look the same- bulbous, wide, full, and lacking in shape. On top of that, ethnic patients often have a thicker layer of tissue under the skin that lays on top of the tip cartilage. In these cases, it is necessary to carefully ‘thin out’ the thicker pad of tissue under your skin so that the newly-defined cartilage can show through. Read more


Aug 13

Tanning beds finally recognized as a top cancer risk

Going to the tanning salon this week? Might as well skip it and take a little arsenic. That, according to the AMA, is because a recent meta-analysis of various studies on tanning beds has finally caused the World Health Organization to elevate UV-radiation emitted from tanning beds to their top cancer risk category. This lofty position is shared among the likes of arsenic, mustard gas, asbestos, plutonium and, yes, even tobacco and mixed alcohol.

tanning beds cancer risk

WHO elevates tanning beds to top cancer risk

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Aug 11

Who do you see if you have a stuffy nose and want your nose fixed

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In general, we believe that there are good facial plastic surgeons and general plastic surgeons who do good rhinoplasty work. However, when it comes to functional problems it is important to understand that persistent congestion can be due to anatomical factors- deviated septum, valve collapse, polyps- that can be fixed with surgery or they can be due to systemic issues like nasal allergies and vasomotor rhinitis that are treated with medicine. So in these cases you would likely be better served in seeing a double board certified facial plastic surgeon since they are also trained in the treatment of these systemic problems.

stuffy nose

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Aug 10

The Nose Huggie?

Recently we came across a post from someone asking about the “nose huggie”.

Intrigued we looked it up and found what appears to be a modified hair clip being touted as a rhinoplasty alternative. Sadly, although it is true that the nose is made up of a lot of cartilage, you cannot simply mold the nose or its cartilage with pressure. In fact, when discussing rhinoplasty with our patients we go to great lengths to explain that cartilage and bone cannot simply be molded like clay. Read more


Jul 14

Do "Frownies" work?

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We all know that public demand for non- invasive treatments for wrinkles is pervasive. And there are innumerable creams, lotions, injections, and lasers that claim to solve the problem. As the economy has slumped, even more people are looking to find inexpensive but effective means to make there wrinkles go away, especially if they are looking to land a new job.

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Jun 16

Ten things your plastic surgeon won't tell you

There was an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal this month listing 10 things Plastic Surgeons won’t tell you. Among the list of zingers you’d never hear from your plastic surgeon are such statements as “I trained a whole weekend to learn this procedure”, and “Long-term effects? Beats me.” It was written, of course, with the author’s tongue firmly in planted in his cheek but the message was quite serious. Read more

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Jun 8

Top 50 Surgeon Bloggers

We are happy to announce that we were recently named as one of the Top 50 Surgeon Bloggers by iScrub. iScrub is an informative blog dedicated to educating health professionals and consumers about information related to the health community. They have a number of good resources and links. Check them out.

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