May 9

Restylane vs Juvederm? When you really look at the details, is it much different than picking between Clinton and Obama?

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When you look at Juvederm and Restylane in detail, it’s a lot like trying to tease out differences between Obama and Clinton; in most instances they are pretty much the same.

Recently, a doctor who is an investigator for Juvederm published a report saying that she has found that patients preferred Juvederm and had longer lasting results than with Restylane.

In our own experience, we’ve found we prefer Juvederm slightly over Restylane in terms of ease of injection but we were a little dumbfounded by the report which said that the patients in the study had less pain during the injection and less bruising after when Juvederm was used. This really doesn’t make sense because pain and bruising really should be injector dependent and it may be as simple as the fact that these patients had previously been injected so they were not as anxious about the procedure- and therefore experienced less pain.

Moreover, it really was not a fair study because the patients in the study had all previously been injected with Restylane in the year or so preceding the study. Well why is that important?

  1. Most of the hyaluronic acid- the filler in both Restylane and Juvederm- does go away with time but there may be some that remains even long term. This may explain why less Juvederm was needed when injecting the patients with Juvederm. It may also explain why the patients felt the Juvederm lasted longer.

  1. When we see reports like this that were very likely funded by the makers of one of the fillers- in this case Juvederm (ie Allergan)- you wonder how the patients were instructed regarding the study and who was the judge of efficacy. Was it perhaps someone who may be influenced to prefer one more than another.

Anyways for what its worth we thought you should know our take on the issue. For those interested we have the link to the report on the study here.

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