Oct 31

Rhinoplasty Mistake #6: The Overprojected Tip

An extremely frequent mistake seen after primary Rhinoplasty is a persistently over-projected tip. This means that the nasal tip still appears to stick out too far from your face. There’s a reason that this mistake is so common.

The first reason is that many patients are initially more concerned about their bump than anything else and are happy if the bump is all that is removed. Many patients afterwards, however, realize that the tip still appears too prominent and then they’re not so happy anymore.

The second reason is that technical maneuvers to reduce the nasal tip’s projection are more sophisticated. Many Rhinoplasty surgeons were never trained in these maneuvers and simply don’t do them. Many have tried them but have experienced problems and now choose to avoid deprojecting the tip.

Lastly, it is almost impossible to achieve meaningful deprojection of the tip through a standard closed Rhinoplasty approach in a way that still provides enough support. So, you get what we see in the photos below. Below is an example of one of our patients who was unhappy with her tip projection among other things. You can see that her tip looks too prominent. Her bridge is a little too sloped as well from her previous Rhinoplasty which makes her tip look even more pointy.

Overprojected tip

Her Profiles Beverly Hills Revision Rhinoplasty included some augmentation of the bridge with tip deprojection, effectively restoring a more natural, attractive balance to the profile. And, even better, because of the way we perform this procedure, her nose will stay stronger than if she had never had anything done.

For more information, check out our dedicated rhinoplasty site here.

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