Jun 4

Should you try to look younger than you really are?

We all age, but how the aging process takes its toll on us physically depends upon a host of factors ranging from our genes to our sun exposure, eating and smoking habits. There was a fascinating recent slideshow titled “Classic Beauties: How They Aged” which showed how some of Hollywood’s most iconic beauties looked as young women and how they looked in later life.

Grace Kelly

As you scroll through the images, you notice some of the classic signs of aging- the wrinkled skin, jowling neck, bags under the eyes, falling brows. For some of these women aging seemed to have taken a smooth natural road, but for others the process was more harsh making some of the women unrecognizable.

The point is simple: we all age and how we choose to deal with that process is our own. For some aging without doing anything seems natural and “as it should be,” for others they want to do the things that keep them looking as young on the outside as they feel inside- yes its cliched but we all know its true.

Luckily for those who want to look younger, there is an ever wider array of safe alternatives ranging from minimally invasive injectibles and fillers to more dramatic lasers and surgical options. So you decide…

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