Skin tone is key to skin aging

As you may already know, we have just officially announced the launch of JolieMD Metamorphosis, our new highly effective, performance-driven skincare line. Just this week, there was an interesting and topical article  about some recent research from Germany talking about perceptions of skin aging. The gist of the article highlights something that we have known for years while developing our product — that excessive pigmentation (brown and red spots) from sun damage and acne is a major and often overlooked sign of skin aging, one that should be given as much importance as wrinkles. So, against the back-drop of a skincare industry that has focused most of its attention on combatting fine lines and telling you that you need a different cream for every little thing, we have been quietly going about testing and perfecting a simple-to-use, two-step kit that addresses all of your pressing skin concerns at once- acne, fine lines, coarseness, and pigmentation. We provide you with everything your skin needs to look and feel its best– all you need to add is a daily sunscreen. For more information, visit

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