Aug 14

Some non surgeons would have you believe that surgery may actually cause you to age faster- Don't buy the spin!

Welcome to the no spin zone: no, you have not found your way to the O’Reilly blog, however when we read a recent article in the Daily Mail-UK we couldn’t help but wonder why these things would be reported in a newspaper. Do they actually research or do they decide a story they want and then find a number of people who will agree with them?

The story begins by telling us that the popularity of facelifts and anti-aging/ facial rejuvenation surgery is growing year after year, but then takes an abrupt turn by quoting a number of “cosmetic doctors,” who happen to have non surgical cosmetic practices (comprised of fillers- juvederm, restylane, perlane- and botox) who believe that surgery is bad.  What a surprise.

If you have been reading our blogs, especially those regarding the Hybrid Lift, you know by now that our Beverly Hills facial plastic surgery practice is dedicated to bringing natural looking results, and this means that we are strong advocates of a balanced approach utilizing volume enhancement, i.e. fillers, and lifting procedures in concert.

We recognize that potential patients are constantly bombarded by spin and hype from competing physicians and corporations [Allergan- Botox, Juvederm; McKesson- Restylane, Perlane, Myobloc; Artes- Artefill; Bioform- Radiesse, to name a few] and it is important for doctors to be advocates for their patients (not the corporation), so they can honestly explain all the risks and benefits of every available procedure. This is perhaps most important in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery where we are talking about elective procedures.

The truth is that surgery works brilliantly when done correctly and for the right reasons. Let’s face it, if you have sagging skin and jowling, fillers are not the answer, though they may play a part. On the other hand, if you have hollowing in the cheeks or under the eyes, volume enhancement with a skin pinch may very well be better than traditional blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). The key is understanding the difference between what a mini lift (lunch time lift) can do and how long it lasts as opposed to a lift that involves the deeper tissues.


Does anyone really believe you can correct these wrinkles by just filling under the skin without making this face look completely different?

We believe that for facial rejuvenation to work that lifting and volume must be coupled. Volume enhancement, for us, has come to mean fat, because some of it will last permanently and, perhaps more importantly, it is natural and safe. We remind you that none of the fillers to date have FDA approval outside the scope of the nasolabial folds (and perhaps lips but we have to check on that). As far as surgery, mini lifts occasionally are indicated, but we have found that patient satisfaction and long term results really depend on addressing the underlying, descending tissue (the SMAS).

The point of all this is that the story begins by telling us how the number of women and men having anti-aging surgery is growing rapidly. There is a reason for that: when it’s done correctly, it works.

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