Mar 2

Study shows daughters age like their mothers

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Something we hear often from women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s is the phrase, “More and more, I look in the mirror and I’m starting to see my mother; and I’m not ready for that!” Well, it’s official. If you think that you’re starting to see more and more of your Mom in the mirror, it’s because you probably are. A new study from researchers at Loma Linda University compared information using sophisticated 3D camera facial imaging techniques in 40 mother-daughter pairs and concluded that mothers and daughters appeared to share strikingly similar aging patterns.

The earliest changes seen were volume loss leading to hollowing in the lower eyelid and cheek areas starting in the mid-30s and progressing throughout life. Something more to thank your mother for…


While looking like Mom is not a bad thing, those who aren’t quite ready can benefit from an array of anti-aging options available from good skin care to Botox and fillers to longer-lasting volume restoration with fat transfer. Ask us for more details.

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