Apr 9

Thinking of a Face Lift "Consider Going Deep!"

It’s getting harder and harder to see through the hype these days when talking about face lifts, what with all the marketing around thread lifts, contour lifts, S-lifts, J-lifts, mini-lifts, lunchtime lifts, etc. Everyone wants to take years off without going through a big procedure. We understand that desire. Besides, who has the time for a long recovery?

Well, the answer is you get what you bargained for. In our study on the operative results of different types of face lifts, we found that, at the time of surgery, Deep Plane face lift techniques obtained much greater lifts than Standard face lifts or Mini-type lifts.

What is a Deep Plane face lift, you ask?

It is a technique wherein not only sagging skin, but sagging fatty and muscle tissues are lifted as well over the cheek and jaw line. And it has about the same convalescence as a standard lift.


The trade off? Slightly higher, though still small, risk. But a risk that’s well worth it to many patients. If you’d like to know more about a Deep Plane face lift, give us a call or email.

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