Jan 8

This has nothing to do with plastic surgery

I just read this article online regarding Lisa Rinna saying, “I always said I wouldn’t change my face, but I did it.”

We generally avoid discussing celebrity plastic surgery, but frankly I’m confused. Are her lips not part of her face and what do injections have to do with plastic surgery?

Botox Lip Enhancement - Lisa Rianna

The article goes on to say, “Although she still likes Botox (“it doesn’t change the shape of my face,” she says), she has learned she doesn’t need so much surgery.”

I think the public gets misinformed about what is and isn’t plastic surgery. In this case, Ms Rinna went to someone who injected her with too much restylane in her cheeks- what does this have to do with surgery?  I mean there was a time when cheek enhancement meant you went in and had a cheek implant placed. And we still occasionally do this.  But this is not surgery, it is injection of a filler material- perhaps juvederm, radiesse, restylane, or any one of a host of other fillers on the market.

For those of you who follow our blog, you’ve heard our feelings regarding the filler craze that has been a huge part of “cosmetic surgery” over the last decade, so I won’t digress here. However, perhaps more than anything else the problem with this phenomenon is  that any type of doctor or nurse can buy restylane, juvederm or some other filler and with little or no training can start injecting patients. And unfortunately when things go wrong, the problem the media points to is not with the injector not having proper training or aesthetic sense but with “plastic surgery” in total.

We have no knowledge of who injected Ms Rinna- for all we know it was a plastic surgeon- but the point is that the media constantly hypes “minimally” invasive procedures like filler enhancement as though it is always better than surgery and that it has no or little risks.  And yet time and again when we see celebrities who have bad results from these minimally invasive procedures, it’s “plastic surgery” that is at fault.

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