Jan 27

We were asked if lower facelifts pull your lips horizontally?

Does a facelift unnaturally pull your lips?

A patient recently asked whether lower facelifts can unnaturally pull her lips. She wondered whether she would be better off with a ‘vertical facelift’.

Here’s the answer. The so-called vertical vector facelifts that are done via incisions in the temple area or in the lower lids to address the midface cannot adequately address the lower face and neck. While there may be some improvement in jowling with these procedures, it is usually not substantial. Any excess tension in an attempt to get more improvement of the jawline can result in movement of the hairline and other problems.

A traditional incision around the ear is still the best approach to rejuvenating the lower face and neck when more repositioning is needed such as when there is noticeable jowling and . Most facelift surgeons today will modify the vector of repositioning on the deeper tissues so that it creates the most natural possible outcome. In the neck, the most appropriate vector often follows the jawline. A relatively more vertical vector is more appropriate higher up in the cheek. All of this can be done through the same incision and deeper plane techniques can often give a more dramatic and natural result. You do not need to worry about your lips being pulled horizontally in the hands of a good facelift surgeon. This shouldn’t happen.

A second really important aspect of facial rejuvenation to consider is volume restoration. We all lose some bone and fat/soft tissue volume as we age, especially in the cheeks and around the mouth. This can give us the effect of looking a little more gaunt and tired. Restoration of this volume along with a lift can really round out the procedure and restore a natural vibrant and youthful look. Our Hybrid Lift accomplishes this with micro fat transfer to the cheek, under eye area, and lower facial folds combined with a lower face and neck lift, and all via a small incision that does not extend into the hairlines.

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