Aug 11

What the HYBRID LIFT Does, that the "New New Face" misses

Reading the New York Magazine we came across an interesting article that goes over a “new” phenomenon among New York’s higher echelons that involves volume enhancement using fillers and occasionally fat to restore the lost volume that many patients experience as they grow older. The article goes on to highlight a number of dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons in New York that are on the forefront of the phenomenon there.

New New Face

Composite picture of Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and Michelle Pfeiffer courtesy of the New York Magazine showing the natural aesthetics which are ideal when volume enhancement and facelifts are combined such as in the HYBRID LIFT

As we read the very well-written article trace the history of facial aesthetics and volume enhancement, we could not help but notice that many of the doctors and quotes noted that as patients age there is a descent of tissue, sagging of skin, wrinkles and jowling, but then they glossed over the fact that volume enhancement alone fails to correct all of these issues. The idea that adding fillers or fat can correct jowling and redundant skin is simply not true.

We don’t normally like to brag here on the post, but in this one instance we hope you permit us a minute to gloat over our HYBRID LIFT.  What we do for our own patients is a minimal incision deep facelift—this is tailored individually depending on how much skin descent and jowling there is—and then add the patient’s own fat back (as in the “new new face”) to recreate the volume so many patients lose as they age. The aesthetic results have been fantastic and our patients love that they can be up and around after only a few days.

While we respect the claims in the article and are proponents of volume enhancement, we find it disingenuous to claim that by replacing volume you can somehow correct the tissue and skin which descends with time. The  problem is that too many people with hammers begin to see everything as nails.

The key points of our HYBRID LIFT are:

1. By doing a deep lift we are able to first replace the patients’ own fallen deep tissue (the SMAS) back into its proper position

2. By using a minimal incision, we never get into the hairlines, move hair tufts, or get a windswept appearance

3. Unlike mini lifts, because we do the work in the deep layers; the results last

4. By then adding fat and restoring volume, we fill out the concavities that lead to an aged appearance and we restore the youthful heart-shaped face that people are drawn to

5. By using your own fat, we are confident that the results last and are natural. Temporary fillers unfortunately are just that: temporary. Permanent fillers are all too often not tested for safety in these other areas, are not approved for these uses by the FDA, and are used in “off- label” procedures whose safety is unclear.

For us, the HYBRID LIFT represents the culminant evolution of facial rejuvenation.  Stay tuned for the HYBRID LOWER EYELID LIFT…

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