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Why does my nose look different than when I was younger? I now seem to have a hump that I didn’t have when I was younger.

The effects of aging on the nose have been classically described.

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Its obvious when we look at our grandparents that their noses age as well. These changes have all been classically defined and at Profiles we have developed a conservative surgical algorithm which removes most of the signs of an aging nose without making you look dramatically different.

In general terms, you will note that newborns have a nasal dorsum that is concave (naturally scooped) with an upturned tip while in the elderly, the tendency is for the dorsum to appear convex with a ptotic (droopy) tip. Not all people will experience age-related changes to the same degree nor will all patients necessarily find this cause for concern.

As we age, the nasal tip often droops, resulting in an apparent dorsal hump. All we need do to see this is to look at photographs of our grandparents in comparison to their younger counterparts. It always appears as if a hump has grown with time; in truth, this is an optical illusion since our noses don’t grow substantially after the age of maturity. Rather, as the tip drops creating an acute nasolabial angle, the dorsum appears more prominent in contrast to the tip.

To correct these changes, here at Beverly Hills Profiles we follow a specific surgical sequence which we have found allows us to optimally restore your nose to its more youthful appearance. We encourage you to read more in our Modern Rhinoplasty textbook under Aging Nose.

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